© All About the Kids Learning Center LLC 2010 Infants and Toddlers Preschoolers & Kindergarteners School-Aged Children Telephone: (419)353-3898    Email: allaboutthekids@dacor.net   GOALS and PHILOSOPHIES   Our goal is to teach the children to learn from each other, become independent, self-determined, and self-confident, and to interact with their peers. We encourage the children to have fun while learning and to be themselves. The Center's MISSION is to provide a caring, nurturing, and energetic environment for your child to grow.  Children are encouraged to learn through guidance, modeling, and self- direction.  With their educational experience and devotion to teaching young children our staff will assist your child in reaching his/hers highest potential of learning.  Our educational curriculum is designed to encourage children to enjoy learning, acquire appropriate social skills, and develop independence.  Click thumbnail to enlarge All About the Kids Learning Center